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Maura Senesi - Personal Biography

Maura Senesi

Having explored various styles of yoga, Maura Senesi started practising Ashtanga yoga at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Rome in 2002. Deeply fascinated by the strength of the breath in the Ashtanga practice, Maura was convinced that she found something very special which would impact her life in general. With commitment and passion, she developed her personal practice and experienced great benefits, feeling happy and more balanced.

Over the years, she participated in several of Lino Miele's retreats and workshops. Then, after a beautiful retreat in Ustica (2007), she was invited to start as an apprentice at the Institute in Rome under the guidance of Maestro Lino Miele. Maura undertook her training in adjustments and holding led classes under the daily supervision of Rossana Galanzi, Maria Paola Stefani and Sergio Rossetti. In addition, she continued traveling in Europe (mainly Italy) and abroad (India and Brazil) to spend time with Lino both as his student and assistant.

At present, Maura mainly teaches at AYRI Rome but also in a few cultural centres. She particularly enjoys transmitting the energy she herself finds in the practice.


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