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Sandra Mazzucchelli - Personal Biography

Sandra Mazzucchelli

When Sandra Mazzucchelli was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 1998, she was already at a mature age. Meeting her teacher, Lino Miele, was of significant importance. She embraced without hesitation the discipline of Ashtanga yoga and felt a strong sensation of energy and well-being emerging from doing the Ashtanga practice. This was a turning point in her life. After a few years, she began her apprenticeship under Lino, participating and assisting him in workshops in Europe and India. Encouraged by her maestro, she started teaching in Milano with Pinuccia Buscaglia in 2004. A year later, she traveled with Lino to Mysore to practice with his guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. In 2009, her dream finally came true: in association with three other long-term students of Lino, she founded the Ashtanga Yoga School in Milano. Sandra teaches in the school daily, but also finds time to study with her maestro Lino Miele in retreats and workshops in and outside of Italy. She is currently learning the intermediate series.


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