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Liisa Karikuusi - Personal Biography

Liisa Karikuusi

Liisa Karikuusi was introduced to Ashtanga yoga by Juha Javanainen and Petri Räisänen in Helsinki in 1994. Enthusiastic about her first yoga lessons, she joined Lino Miele's workshop in 1995, and he became her teacher. Liisa participated in many of Lino's workshops and retreats, especially in Finland but also in Italy and India. After five years of regular practice, she was invited to assist in the Astanga Yoga School of Helsinki. Under the guidance of Lino, she began to teach her own classes, and little by little, teaching Ashtanga yoga became an important part of her daily life.

The Ashtanga yoga practice immediately inspired Liisa to a different lifestyle. As a professional violinist, Liisa had, until this point in her life, been playing in orchestra and working as a violin teacher in music schools. Being a musician was very challenging and required both physical and psychological strength. In Ashtanga yoga, Liisa found the key to cope with these challenges.

Today Liisa, while holding her job as a violinist, still teaches at the Astanga Yoga School in Helsinki and surrounding areas (courses of all levels, led classes and Mysore classes). She finds particular fulfillment in transmitting the Ashtanga practice to musicians and singers because here she can combine her experience as a professional violinist with her knowledge of yoga.

Liisa experienced practicing under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois twice, during his European tours in 2001 and 2006 in Helsinki. She is currently working on the advanced A series with Lino and assists him during his retreats in Finland.


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