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Frank Kappas - Personal Biography

Frank Kappas

When I met Lino Miele in 1998 in the workshop of Solhaga, it was truly one of my most memorable experiences. During that week in Solhaga I strongly felt I was devoting myself to the path of yoga. Lino became my principal teacher to whom I feel great respect and gratitude. Other teachers who have had an impact on me include Gwendoline Hunt with her warm presence, as well as John Scott with his inspiring attitude.

I have also been fortunate in having the opportunity to do my yoga practice with Pattabhi Jois in India. It was in India where I experienced a strong sense of pureness and intensity regarding the yoga atmosphere and energy.

I participated in my first Vipassana meditation course in 2002. I was enlightened on the importance of calming the mind and of awareness. Inspired by this course, meditation became a natural part of my practice.

I have always felt it joyful and motivating to work as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, having the opportunity to pass on some of the experience and see all the changes that happen to people.

During the last few years, I have been fortunate to meet a really good teacher like Eddie Stern. I have also had the pleasure of working together with Meri Tiitola, who has a fantastic and skillful way of teaching mantras and chanting. There is so much to learn, and at the same time the ground lies in everyone's own practice.


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