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Giula Calussi - Personal Biography

Giulia Calussi

Giulia Calussi was just a curious and energetic 18-year-old student of architecture when she took her first yoga lesson in Hatha yoga in 2002. A few years later, Roberto Palagi introduced her to Ashtanga yoga and to her current teacher, Lino Miele. Giulia's enthusiasm for the Ashtanga yoga practice led her to participate in several of Lino Miele's workshops and retreats in Italy as well as in India.

In 2010, Giulia started her apprenticeship at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Rome, directed by Lino Miele. Here she spent many hours learning from Rossana Galanzi, Maria Paola Stefani and Sergio Rossetti--and under their wise guidance she practiced, assisted and little by little taught Ashtanga yoga.

After a long period of teaching in Naples (Italy) and in Copenhagen (Denmark), Giulia has now settled in beautiful Florence where she teaches in her own Ashtanga yoga studio. She regularly travels to spend time with Lino Miele both as a student and as his assistant. Besides teaching Ashtanga yoga, Giulia works on her Ph.D in architecture.


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