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Simona Brusoni - Personal Biography

Simona Brusoni

Before discovering yoga, Simona Brusoni was a ballet dancer. She moved from classical to modern styles, eventually transitioning to theatre-dance. Over the years, she traveled to India, where she acquired a new knowledge of the body and of herself. These journeys led Simona to Ashtanga yoga in 2001, when she was introduced to the practice by Lino Miele, who became her teacher. She accompanied Lino on various retreats in Italy and abroad, participating in his workshops while also working as his assistant. As Lino's apprentice, Simona went with him to Mysore for the first time in 2005, returning three more times to attend Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. Encouraged by Lino, she started teaching her own Ashtanga yoga classes in Milano in 2005. Simona is one of the founders of the Ashtanga Yoga School in Milano, which was opened upon Lino's initiative in February 2009. Besides her dedication to Ashtanga yoga, she meditates following the Buddhist Mahayana tradition and also finds pleasure in reading Indian philosophy and religion. Simona finished the advanced A (3rd) series in 2008 and the advanced B (4th) series in 2014.


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