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Ben Beswick - Personal Biography

Ben Beswick

I have been practising Ashtanga yoga for 17 years and teaching for 10 years.

I'm a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and qualified Thai Massage Therapist.

I teach and practise out of my studio—The Old School Yoga Studio—in Preston on Stour.

I came to Ashtanga with back issues and my first experience was a strong, dynamic led primary series class. I liked the dynamic aspect and all the thrills but over the period of 5 years, I found it was hindering me and not helping my back problems. I then took my first teacher training to gain more theory. I undertook lots of other workshops and teacher trainings with various teachers. I always believed in the practise but not the way I was performing it. It was then when I came across Mysore style, around 12 years ago; it felt different. But I was still practising with the mentality of a led counted method, still pushing myself. It was all I knew.

Ten years ago I found Manju Jois and his energy just enlightened me on the healing aspect of the practise and breath, which was what I was looking for. Healing and therapy, not hindering and theory. I have done Manju's several teacher trainings and Mysore weeks in London. I also have had the privilege of being able to practise at his home studio in San Diego, California.

I'm so very grateful for Manju's guidance and continually study with him.

I now have a practise for life, not for likes.

I just hope I can pass on his wisdom and great sense of yoga through my teaching.

I prostrate to his feet, even if he doesn't like it. :)

Big Love and Thanks.


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