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Farzad Ahmadpour - Personal Biography

Farzad Ahmadpour

Farzad Ahmadpour was born in Iran but has lived in Germany since 1986. He studied mechanical engineering and worked for many years in this profession. He started practicing Hatha yoga in 1998 but something was missing. When a friend told him about Ashtanga yoga, he spontanously decided to go to a one-week Ashtanga yoga retreat with Harald Gaertner in 1999. He was fascinated by the combination of breath, movement, flexibility and strength and has not stopped practicing ever since. He wanted to know more about this system of Ashtanga yoga.

Searching for teachers, Farzad met Lino Miele in Munich in 2001 and became his regular student in 2005 in Rome. He attended many workshops and retreats in Europe and India with Lino Miele. It brought about deep changes in his life, and he quit his job and opened up his own yoga shala in Stuttgart in 2006. In 2011, Farzad completed his in-depth study course with Lino in Italy and started to assist him in his workshops and retreats. Farzad has been building up the Ashtanga yoga community in Stuttgart since 2003 and offers workshops and retreats in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


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