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  Workshop Information

Gregor Maehle

October 25-31, 2014

Manila, Philippines

Makati Studio
Greenbelt Mansion, Unit 506, Perea
St, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Manila, Philippines

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Sat Oct 25 8:30am - 11am Technical
talk-through class of The Primary
Series In this class, a slow talk-
through of the Primary Series will
be conducted. The Vinyasa format
will be maintained with as much
technical detail as possible
regarding the asanas. While it may
be easy for many flexible students
to do the postures of the Primary
Series, if the internal actions of
the postures are not properly
executed the body is often not
adequately prepared for the more
advanced series. Understanding the
anatomical details of the postures
will enable students to practice
for many years injury-free.

Sat, Oct 25 / 1:30pm - 4pm Yoga
Anatomy class This class will take
an in-depth focus on the anatomical
intricacies of postures. Many
postures are so complex that they
need to be discussed outside of the
asana class. Here the underlying
anatomy of the postures will be
explained and broken down into
their various constituents
and phases of entering and exiting.
We will look for example at the
whys and hows of sacral nutation
during back bending and the actions
that accompany it such as spreading
the sit bones and internally
rotating the thighs. You will learn
how to practice all asanas
safely and sustainably. In this
class there will be ample time to
focus on individual problem areas
and answer questions.

Sun, Oct 26 / 8:30am - 11am Vinyasa
Count class of the Primary Series 2
hours Here a faster talk-through
following the traditional Vinyasa
count is conducted. The aim is to
integrate all that has been
presented in the previous classes
and combine it with a meditative
flow. In this class we focus on the
right timing to enter and exit the
postures thus producing heat to
purify body and mind.

Sun, Oct 26 / 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Adjustment Clinic Here the various
adjustments for the postures of the
Primary Series are discussed and
taught in a safe and compassionate
way. It will be shown from which
angle exactly the adjustments are
to be applied, how to use body
weight rather than strength, and
how to work with different body
types. Thus, you will learn
different options in adjusting
the same posture. And rather than
having a preconceived idea of how
far one would like to take a
student in a posture, an alternate
approach that emphasizes being
sensitive to each student's body is
explained. The adjuster needs to
come from a pure heart that focuses
on the needs of the student. Time
permitting some adjustments of the
Intermediate Series will also be

Mon - Fri, Oct 27 - 31 / 6:30-
9:30am /
Makati studio, Mysore style. All
Levels welcome. In these classes
Gregor will be able to give
personalized attention and
adjustments, drawing upon his vast
experience of over three decades of
practice and working with thousands
of students.

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