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Gregor Maehle

July 11-13, 2014

Sydney, Australia

North Sydney Yoga
Level 1 144 Blues Point Road
McMahons Point NSW 2060

Contact details
(02) 99571855

Pranayama and Yoga Meditation
In this workshop you will learn how
pranayama is used to connect
posture practice to yogic
meditation and why it will
accelerate progress in both. Also
covered are how pranayama creates
health, its use in therapeutic
applications and the mental and
spiritual benefits of pranayama. We
will learn about the effect of
pranayama on brain hemisphericity
and balance of the nervous system.
The purpose of breath retentions
and their precise technical
application will be given and the
major pranayama techniques will be
explored. Additionally lots of
emphasis will be placed on bandhas
and kriyas. You will then learn the
precise step-by-step meditation
technique that exist since
millennia at the heart of yoga.
Yogic meditation derives its power
from the fact that it
systematically suspends the
entire processing capacity of the
subconscious mind and diverts it
towards meditation. The processing
power of the subconscious mind is a
multiple of that of the conscious
mind. Simply watching breath or
watching awareness involves only
your conscious mind. For quick and
effective concentration the entire
power of the subconscious mind has
to be harnessed. This is the secret
of yogic meditation.You will also
learn about the importance of
Kundalini as support for meditation
and the factors that make it rise,
such as chakra and Sushumna
visualization, mantra and
breath. Detailed descriptions how
opening of the chakras propel the
evolution of the individual and
society will be given. Chakra
meditation, if done in a
sophisticated, high-powered way,
will propel the evolution of the
brain and mind of the practitioner
and the awakening of higher

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