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Ashtanga Products > DVDs > Ashtanga Yoga: Third Series with Kino MacGregor DVD

Ashtanga Yoga: Third Series with Kino MacGregor DVD

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Ashtanga Yoga: Third Series with Kino MacGregor DVD

Produced by: Kino Yoga Inc.
Format: NTSC
Region: 1, 4
Language: English
Number of Discs: 2
DVD Release Date: December 2011
Run Time: 153 minutes

Ashtanga Yoga Third Series
Sthira Bhaga: Strength and Grace

The magic of the Ashtanga Yoga system comes from its perfect balance between the two opposing forces of strength and flexibility. In this DVD, Certified Ashtanga Teacher Kino MacGregor guides you through the foundational elements of the challenging Third Series. Known in Sanskrit as Sthira Bhaga, translated as Strength and Grace, this series involves some of the hardest and most intense movements possible. The journey of the Third Series is not one to be taken lightly, but is a devotional relationship built over many years of practice. The deepest type of strength is a spiritual fortitude that comes from a true understanding of the subtle currents of energy in the body and the eternal nature of the human soul.

This DVD provides three useful tools for everyone. The Introduction explains the philosophical basis of the Third Series as well as Ashtanga Yoga. The How to Work segment gives helpful tools on the development of core strength, the elusive "bandhas" and many key postures of the Third Series. The Practice disc is a flow through the postures of Third Series in traditional Vinyasa Sanskrit count. It is not recommended that you practice along with the DVD but instead use it as inspiration. When embarking on the yogic quest it is crucial to have a teacher as your guide.

Personal Biography of Kino MacGregor

DVD Preview

Clip of Practice Session

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