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Ashtanga Products > CDs > Bad Man Bhakti CD - David Garrigues

Bad Man Bhakti CD - David Garrigues

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Bad Man Bhakti CD - David Garrigues

David Garrigues is a believer right down to his Ashtanga toes, and you can hear that in every note of his kirtan. This devotional collection is at once an exotic, fervent romp fueled by rich traditional instrumentation, and a spare, tender vocal meditation. Respond to the call, or escape in a daydream of India reverence and driving earthy melodies.

"My Guru used to call his beloved students 'bad man' or 'bad lady.' He would call you 'bad man' to lighten you up or when you did something stupid like show up late to class. He'd call you 'bad lady' when you would reveal your self to him like say something funny or out of the ordinary. One time I saw a woman get offended when he called her 'bad lady.' He laughed and said, 'Bad means good!' Perhaps he was responding with humor to each person's inevitable bent to walk their crooked path to God. You might be a little 'off' or 'bad,' but really it's good because it's you and your way of getting there. And the only way you'll find Yoga is to go for your own truth." - David Garrigues

1. Shamba Shivo Jaya (8:05)
2. Ganesha Sharanam (5:17)
3. Hanuman Baba (6:54)
4. Ranga De (7:57)
5. Radhe Govinda (9:33)
6. Prayer to Lakshmi (3:50)
7. Jai Ambe (9:26)
8. Nandalala (9:14)
9. Dream Ram (7:05)

Total time: 66 minutes

All songs traditional, adapted and arranged or written by David Garrigues. Listen to samples of the tracks at

Personal Biography of David Garrigues

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