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Ashtanga Products > Posters and Practice Cards > Michael Gannon Primary Series Poster - Large

Michael Gannon Primary Series Poster - Large

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Demonstrated by Michael Gannon and photographed by Graeme Montgomery, this handy poster of the primary series folds into thirds and may be hung or used interactively: When performing standing asanas, fold the bottom panel up to reveal details about suryanamaskara and the standing sequence. When finishing the practice, fold the top panel down to show details of the backbending and finishing sequences.

Poster Features:
Primary series asanas with names in Sanskrit; inhale/exhale instructions; opening and closing mantras; technique tips for jump-backs, chakrasana, breath, bandhas, drishti and vinyasa; specific asana benefits.

Size: Open 14 x 26.5 in. (36 x 68 cm), folded 9 x 14 in. (23 x 36 cm)

Personal Biography of Michael Gannon

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